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Here is in our opinion the top webcam adult sites today that you must try if you want to be a webcam model.


This is probably the most popular adult website. While one’s may argue it is not the best it has some big advantages.
First and foremost it has the most site visitors than most of the adult webcam sites. With so many visitors feeding the interest the number of models has also grown to more than 5.000 at any given time satisfying the huge amounts of visitors. The most reliable and trustworthy web model site, should definitely be on top of your sites list. They payment rate is $1.30 – $4.50.


Most searched models by visitors are on streamate. Here you can find the best looking girls and with a paying rate of 35% and with the amount of traffic almost as good as chaturbate any cam girls should have a good time on They are serious they usually pay on time sometimes even earlier and they pay weekly which is another great advantage. If it would be for me to choose between chaturbate and streamate, well I have no idea which one should be the first. If you want more money maybe you should go with chaturbate, but if you are looking for more quality in terms of traffic and models as well streamate is your best choice. Th payment range starts at 1.99 per min upwards.


Everybody knows about this site, is pretty old in the industry and they stayed on top of things. With $1.79 – $4.50 per hour is one of the top paying sites. Because of the high rate not everybody visits them, therefore you should not be surprised if you don’t receive the amount of traffic you receive on chaturbate for example. Nevertheless, there are some pretty bad reviews from models who had a bad experience with them mainly because of the weak support and because of the monthly payments.


One of the first sites in this industry Unfortunately today is not so popular as it used to be and there are around 150-200 cam model at any given time which is very low compared to other competitors. It went down constantly and even with a rate of $3 – $5 it is not a good choice if you want to really earn some money.

These should not be treated as main factors in earning money as a webcam model. You can earn on flirt4free more than you can earn on chaturbate or streamate. It mostly depends on you rather than the website you are choosing to work with. Experience, dedication and time will tell which adult webcam sites are the best for you.


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