Web Cam Model Jobs – First Thoughts for New Comers

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Some of the basics things you need to get started as a job web cam modeling , you need a webcam. Of course to be legally aged. The webcam I have is a Logitech c98 or something like that and it is a top-notch piece of device. But, if you afford to buy something even better it would be even better. This is an important investment, the clearer the screen is, the better. Obviously, you need to have a god internet service provider to have a reliable flawless connection with a medium upload speed. The pint is it does not matter how pretty you are, how nice are you with the clients if they can hardly see you or they can hardly hear you.

Other things that you need are the make-up. It may sound kind of shallow, but you want to like nice, you don’t want to go on the website looking sloppy, like you don’t care about how you look.

Do’s and Dont’s

Don’t use an odd name  – use a real first and last name, but do not use you name! don’t go with long names that make no sense. It will be easier for them to find you with a simple real looking type of name.

Don’t hide you body – Do not wear too many clothes and hide your body. Let them see enough of your body they will get interested in. Don’t show to much either.

Don’t wear a bad wig – Some of you may want to change your appearance. Choose one that clearly does not look like a wig on your head.

Do use the ban button – Don’t be afraid to use the ban button. There will be jerks insulting you. “You would look better brunette” or“You would look better with natural tits.”

Don’t get drunk on cam – You will regret later when people will put places of you while drinking or looking drunk and your reputation will be affected.

Don’t use a fake accent – Don’t use a fake accent unless are really good at it. People will talk shit about it and will decrease the quality of your performance.