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Webcam sites are are becoming a posh thing for people to do because it is a pretty expensive habit. Most of the webcam sites are based on the so called currency with the name of tokens. Tokens are used to pay tips for the performers that are performing their show on webcams. Usually, the tokens are bought with real money and they are expensive in most cases. People performing these shows are receiving only a quantity of their hard earn money. A program like the cam4 token generator will make things better not only for you as a spectator, but also for the performers by making things more balanced between all of the involved parts.

The cam4 token generator has the power to deliver free tokens into any cam4 account without submitting at risk in any way the account or the person which is using the program. Using this program you will be more satisfied in any way because of its simplicity and its reliability. Many programs have been created for the purpose of delivering free cam4 tokens and maybe many will be made for the same purpose.

Is It Really Safe ?

What we managed to do with this cam4 token generator is that we first took the safety issues that needed to be taken and after that we start working on the main program. For this we had to create a web based server where the program is connecting and performing the process of delivering the tokens. The server created is very special. It has the ability to detect and to stop the program to deliver tokens to one account if it is not safe to do it. This happens when someone has delivered too many tokens and if it continues to deliver any more his account may get suspicious and get banned from the site.

I Heard Enough. Where Can I Get This Safe Cam4 Token Generator ?

The link for this hack can be found here:

If that was not enough, the program is also noob friendly. As we do not care too much about the look of it, we made it very simple to operate without any extra details on how to make it work. After you downloaded the program from the download page all you will have to do is to:

  • Open it
  • Enter your username
  • Select the amount of tokens to be added
  • Click the ADD button to add the tokens to the typed username account.
  • Wait until the tokens will be completely added to your account
  • Enjoy!

Whatever site you are using at the moment for your entertainment, you will for sure start using cam4 as well after having this program.


When the cam4 token generator stops delivering the tokens, this happens because the web server has stopped delivering to prevent any risks of your account and the program being detected. Usually you will be able to use it after 24 hours when the waves are calmed down and you are not at risk anymore.



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