I am a fan and a previous tester and worker within webcam industry. During the time I progressed as a webcam model I learnt various things concerning this job. Me and a friend started together because of the need of fast money at that time, but we ended up being top earning models. Our experience is not based on our success, but rather on our failures along the road of becoming a successful webcam model and staying on top.The industry has grown larger today and many things changed meanwhile. This made the web model job more and more harder, but also more open to the public and easier to earn some money while doing it. These days even the most inexperienced man or girl could turn on the camera and broadcast themselves on the popular websites such as chaturbate or cam4. Sites had grown larger and larger and advertising during all these years changed a lot this industry in the good direction.

While anybody could earn as a webcam model, not everybody can be a top earner. To achieve this status one must know various things that not many models know. Knowing such things alone will not make you a top model. Every model has its own tactics and strategies that made him or her to make as much as they never thought they will make. We decided to open a website to reach to the models attention and to try and make them better models. imanimodels.com is created mainly for the purpose of helping people to earn money from home on their own without the need of any employment whatsoever. Me and my friend will try to cover a wider range of audience by posting articles for beginner and for more advanced users. Not everybody is aware how important it is your state of mind while working in this industry. Some may be reluctant and feel uncomfortable with them by performing this type of job. This is not appropriate and combined with other negative things can have a real negative impact on your earnings.

As you may expect it helps to have a nice and attractive body, but if it’s not the case you will see how you can be a top earning model regardless of your looks and sex. You can very easy be a porn star in reality and be one of the lowest earners as a webcam model. There is so much more than what it looks at first sight that has to do with being a successful webcam model. That’s why we will approach any possible criteria that you will help you have a great time and be a top webcam model. Boy, girl or even couples will have new things to learn, different things that will be applied accordingly and creatively to gain popularity and numerous returning clients.

Please feel free to contact us for any suggestions or any other inquiries.

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